Keynote Invited Speakers

  • Teresa FRANKLIN
    Prof. Dr. Teresa FRANKLIN
    Ohio University, United States

    Speech Title: Embracing the Future: Education in the Age of AI

  • Douglas FRANKLIN
    Prof. Dr. Douglas FRANKLIN
    Ohio University, United States

    Speech Title: Understanding change and change management: Useful concepts for HE reform

  • Ferhan  ODABAŞI
    Prof. Dr. Ferhan ODABAŞI
    Anadolu University, Turkey

    Speech Title: Turkish: From Sound to Sense

  • Carlos Francisco De Sousa  REIS
    Prof. Dr. Carlos Francisco De Sousa REIS
    University of Coimbra, Portugal

    Speech Title: Education on the razor's edge of an ongoing revolution

  • Paolo Di Sia
    Prof. Dr. Paolo Di Sia
    University of Padova, Italy

    Speech Title: About the Concept of Time between Physics and Mathematics

  • Michael Thomas
    Prof. Dr. Michael Thomas
    University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom

    Speech Title: Critical perspectives on the digital university

  • Vincent  Ru-Chu SHIH
    Prof. Dr. Vincent Ru-Chu SHIH
    National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

    Speech Title: The current development and application of educational technology assisted English language learning in Taiwan

  • Muzaffer ELMAS
    Prof. Dr. Muzaffer ELMAS
    Higher Education Quality Council, Turkey

    Speech Title: Accreditation in Higher Education

  • Abbas GÜÇLÜ
    - Abbas GÜÇLÜ
    Journalist in Milliyet Newspaper, Turkey

    Speech Title: Dijital Dünyada Eğitim
    Education in Digital World